(Mexico City, 1987) Regina Jean, known as Spika, is a Mexican artist who studied at the Universidad de las Americas in Puebla. As she was completing her thesis in religion and celebrities, Regina realized that the “portrait” has potential to explore further. After finishing her Bachelor of Fine Arts, Regina began to consider different subjects around the portrait. Her most representative collection is “Uncrowned Queens” which is about the woman behind the most influential leaders in history, are 12 portraits in acrylics, amough them are: Eva Braun - Hitler's wife, Melania Trump - Trump's wife and Angelica Rivera - Peña Nieto's wife. Regina has participated in more than 40 exhibitions around the Mexican Republic, United States, France, Germany and Italy.

Most important exhibitions.


2018 “Uncrowned Queens" Museo Legislativo, Mexico City, Mexico, June 27.

2017 "Cosmogonia showroom" 33Contemporary Gallery, Zhou B Art Center, Chicago, Illinois, United States, April 21.

2016 "Femmes Fatales" at the Hotel mission del Sol, Cuernavaca, Morelos, December 16.

"Cosmogonía" at Tango Loft, Chicago, Illinois, United States, August 4.

"Cosmogonía" at Casa México, Chicago, Illinois, United States, May 19.

2012 "Influencias artísticas" at the Tec de Monterrey Campus Puebla, November 15.

2011 “ïconos Divinizados" in the Gallery Luz de la nevera, University of the Americas Puebla, May 11.


2018 “No name Art Fair” Museo Nacional San Carlos, Mexico City, México, November 12

"Twenty Artist, One Night" Benjamin Eck Gallery, Munich, Germany, June 2nd

"Circles" BG Gallery, Los Angeles, California, United States, May 26

"Available" Impronta Gallery, San Pedro Cholula, Puebla, Mexico, May 24

“Libre” Museo del Tequila y Mezcal, Mexico City, México, May 17

2017 "Sonos Mexican Collection" Mercado Negro Gallery, San Pedro Cholula, Puebla, Mexico, November 9.

"Schetchbook" 33Contemporary gallery, Zhou B Art Center, Chicago, IL, United States, September 15.

2016 Arte Vivo Mexico Foundation, Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City, Mexico, November 9.

2015 "Exhibition and auction of graphic work and painting" Morton Casa Auctions, Mexico City, Mexico, August 20.

2012 "Art Takes Miami 1001 artist project" Miami, Florida, United States, December 9.

2011 "Art takes Time square" in Time Square of New York, United States, June 18.

2009 "Tlaloc" Watercolor Museum in Toluca, Mexico, September 27.

"Santa Rosa Festival" Museum of Santa Rosa, Puebla, December 23.

2008 "Walking Art 08" Montenegro Santa Catarina Industrial Museum, Nuevo León, Mexico, October 30.

"Sinestesia" San Pedro Museum, Puebla, April 11


2016 “Arte Vivo Mexico Foundation” Museo de Arte Moderno of Mexico City, México, November 9.

2015 “Graphic and Painting auction”, Casa Morton Auction, Mexico City, August 20

2012 “Monalisa”, Foundation Solo por ayudar, Plaza San Angel, México City, March 7.


Foundation Black Coffee Gallery
Foundation Arte Vivo Mexico
Foundation Solo por ayudar