Each artwork represents stages of my life where I have questioned my own religion, death and spirituality. Most of the works are acrylic, spray and ink. I particularly enjoy mixing techniques like pointillism, impressionism and hyperrealism. The art movements that have influenced my career are surrealism and pop art including the works of artists Andy Warhol, Chuck Close, Alex Gray, Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte.

Following the completion of my theses on Divine Icons, I became fascinated with the portrait and its multiple complexities. Each series has a why, a what and a how that defines moments of my personal life. For example the series of Cosmogonia was born as a result of the death of my brother Patrick. Following this event, I entered into a catharsis stage that made me question what just had happened and where we go after death. During my journey of pain and mourning, I came to the conclusion that we are all stardust and, in the end, we blend into the universe.

 The last project is “Uncrowned Queens” these are 10 portraits in acrylics of the women behind the most influencial liders of our time, amogh them are: Eva Braun - Hitler's wife, Melania Trump - Trump's wife and Angelica Rivera - Peña Nieto's wife. 

Impronta 2018

Imprint is a term used in psychology that describes a type of learning that arises from a critical phase in a particular stage of life. This project came about as a result of an inevitable change that I had to make in my studio.

Uncrowned Queens 2017

It is a feminist project because it is a reminder that we are all there to support and motivate us, but above all to free ourselves from the models that impose us; the woman-vase, the woman-object, the woman behind the great man “the first lady”.

Femmes Fatales 2016

And like any woman, they have weaknesses, complexes, fears that make her a human being. Over time they became myths of the twentieth century and to this day they are still perfect in the eyes of the world.

Cosmogonia 2013

Cosmogonia arose because my brother Patrick died, I was in a catharsis that made me question what happened and where we go after death, in that path of pain and mourning I came to the conclusion that we are all stardust and in the end we merge with the universe.

Other projects

These works arose spontaneously and experimentally where I connect in the present moment, being simple and genuine.